How are things going at Utica dispensary Air City Cannabis? –

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Air City Cannabis officially opened its doors in Utica on June 19 and launched a delivery service out of the nearby Central New York city of Rome.

In its first few weeks of business, the store has been serving about 70 customers per day, said CEO Courtney Forester. While sales are increasing, current figures are a bit lower than expected, Forester said, largely because of the number of illicit shops in the area.

In a Q&A with NY Cannabis Insider, Forester answered questions about what customers are buying, building a solid retail business and challenges in New York’s legal weed industry.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

About how many customers are you seeing per day?

We’ve been seeing about 70 transactions a day, so that’s about 70 people. We were hoping to have more. I feel that our projections were set higher based on the idea of all of the illegal operations being closed around us — but there’s still a lot that are open. I think once the Office of Cannabis Management gets a hold of all the illegal stores – because they’re

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