How Concerned Should Canadian Cannabis Customers be About Privacy?

Recreational cannabis has been legalized in Canada for a few months now, but the next time you slide through a recreational cannabis shop in the Six, you’d best come equipped with loonies and toonies instead of a credit card.

In a recent statement issued by Daniel Therrien, Canada’s privacy commissioner, he urged cannabis sellers and buyers across the country to obtain a better understanding of their privacy rights. To keep the personal information of consumers safe, Therrien suggested that only cash should be used for pot-related transactions.

Although recreational cannabis was officially legalized in Canada back in October 2018, the privacy watchdog warned that even lawful marijuana users can be banned from entering countries where cannabis remains illegal.

“The OPC [Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada] recognizes the sensitive nature of cannabis-related transactions,” the statement reads. “Although cannabis is legal in Canada, it remains illegal in most jurisdictions outside of Canada. Some countries may, for example, deny entry to individuals if they know they have purchased cannabis, even lawfully.

In the past, there have been several reports of Canadians getting barred from entering the United States for admitting to cannabis use, even when attempting to cross into a state

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