How Does Medical Marijuana Help Treat Chronic Pain?

Treating Chronic Pain With Marijuana And The Best Cannabis Strains For It.

The evidence for the efficacy of medical marijuana in treating pain is mounting. In fact, the evidence is so compelling that lawmakers in 33 states including Florida, New York, and Ohio as well as numerous countries across the globe have legalized the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain.

According to a report by Reuters, studies show that almost two-thirds of medical marijuana patients are using the drug to treat chronic pain.

An estimated 1 million or more patients around the world are treating their pain with marijuana. There are more than 300,000 chronic pain patients in California’s medical marijuana program alone.

In today’s world, chronic pain has become common since it is associated with many medical conditions, including cancer, heart diseases, HIV/AIDS, past surgery, back injury, arthritis, migraine or infection and diabetes etc. In the United States of America, for instance, chronic pain is one of the leading causes of long term disability.

Even though most marijuana-based products are…..

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