How Pandemic Pivots Impacted Digital Marketing for Dispensaries – Ganjapreneur

The cannabis industry has been on the rise for over a decade, exceeding many growth projections. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted just how far the industry had come when many government officials opted to declare dispensaries “essential businesses.”

Not only did the pandemic impact industry growth from a revenue standpoint, but it also pushed cannabis businesses to explore new acquisition and retention channels, specifically those related to digital marketing.

Cannabis Becomes Essential

Legal cannabis sales in the United States passed $17.5 billion in 2020, a 46 percent increase over sales in 2019. For many Americans, stocking up on marijuana was as essential as stocking up on toilet paper.

Where legally permitted, cannabis delivery businesses saw an increase in patrons. In some areas, cars lined up for curbside, social-distanced order pick-up. Customers stood outside dispensaries, six feet apart as they waited for their chance to enter. People wanted their weed and dispensaries figured out ways to get it.

After the rush to secure lockdown cannabis supplies subsided, owners and marketers were tasked with determining the best strategies for maintaining momentum in a new environment.

Digital Marketing for Dispensaries

With lockdowns in place, many consumers found themselves spending more time at home and

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