How to Export Medical Cannabis

In late 2019 I wrote a post titled How to Export Medical Cannabis Internationally. That post got a lot of play with reporters and also prospective clients. We ended up with a couple of fascinating projects, one of which required registration under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act (didn’t see that one coming) and another which remains ongoing today (after many fits and starts). Naturally, our international trade team does much of the heavy lifting on these matters, launching off work we do on the import and export of hemp.

Most things we write on this blog eventually turn to vapor, but I still receive the occasional inquiry referencing that old “how to” article. So, I figure it’s time for a refresh. It’s also a very good time for this, because two key developments have invigorated this space over the past few years.

First, in late 2020, the United Nations voted to remove medical cannabis from Schedule V (the strictest schedule) of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (“Single Convention”). Under international law, the medical and therapeutic potential of cannabis is now recognized and protected. The plant’s use for non-medical and non-scientific purposes remains illegal, of course, but the

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