How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds? A Complete Guide For Beginners

The cannabis plant’s life starts in this manner: a healthy seed is dry, firm to the feel, and brown with some lines. It is likely an underdeveloped seed that won’t grow into a robust plant if it feels weak or is white, light green, or either of those colors. If you are searching for how to germinate weed seeds, you are at the right place.

You may begin seedlings indoors or outdoors, but since cannabis seeds have a better chance of surviving indoors, we advise doing it indoors. Outdoor seed germination exposes young plants to wind, bugs, mold, cold, and heat. It’s crucial to protect plants at this time since they are quite fragile.

You can germinate cannabis seeds in several ways. All techniques have varying degrees of success, with both benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s discuss a few of them:

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