How to Help the Next 10 Legal Weed Battleground States Without Leaving Your Couch

There are either ballot measures or legislation being considered in 11 — whoops, make that 10 (go, Oklahoma!) — states this year that will affect marijuana access and availability. What are they, and what can citizens of those states do to help push the measures to success?

First, some good news: Oklahoma approved a ballot measure on Tuesday, June 27 to allow for medical marijuana. It remains to be seen how it’s regulated — sometimes, despite what the people want, those who make money off of private prisons turn Acapulco Gold into a pile of steaming ditch weed. It survived a $500,000 campaign from law enforcement and politicians encouraging a “no” vote. (Other states, take note: the Oklahoma measure all began with a signature campaign two years ago to get it on the ballot.)

So, which state is next, and how can you help?

New Jersey

New Jersey has a limited medical marijuana provision in place. Both legislators and some progressive mayors are pushing to expand that to over 100 dispensaries across the state (from the current six.) Alternatively, some legislators are considering full-on recreational MJ in NJ, possibly by end of summer. So what can you do? Contact your

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