How To Keep Marijuana Away From Children

As the prevalence of recreational and medical marijuana has been growing in America so have the number of cases of children being rushed to the emergency room as a result of consuming marijuana — most often because the child believed the medicine was candy.

Adults Be Aware…

You might think that keeping children safe from medical marijuana and cannabis-infused products would be a “no-brainer.” However, the number of cases of children (and also pets) who have accidentally consumed medical marijuana is rising fast.

A wave of cannabis policy reform is rolling across America. More than two-thirds of U.S. states now have legalized marijuana in some form for medical use. Also, about one-third of those states have legalized marijuana for adult recreational use. And even in states without legal marijuana, the drug is becoming easier and easier to purchase.

Sadly, along with the rise in the prevalence of marijuana and other cannabis-infused products, the number of children accidentally consuming these products is also on the rise.

How Bad Is The Problem?

BMJ medical journals reported on a study…..Read Full Article Here

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