How to Make Edibles Taste Less (or More) Like Weed

Commercially made cannabis edibles are increasingly available as adult-use retail sales sweep the nation (in slow motion). Once upon a time, you had to DIY, but today, you can consult a trusted shop — if not one of the dozens of cannabis cookbooks coming to market faster than that brownie will kick in.

Eating your weed used to be the ticket to a more intense but unpredictable experience, but thanks to some basic science (and a scale), we can now more easily pinpoint what is actually in a treat, bite for bite.

Potency aside, for me, a decade-plus weed-in-food explorer, nothing is worse than biting into a treat and tasting too much actual weed — a heavy, bitter, herbal note dominating the other flavours. It reminds me of the “edibles” I tried to make in high school: crappy box pancakes with ground weed sprinkled in.

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