How To Make Hazelnut Cannabis Sandwiches

Don’t have time to bake a whole batch of brownies? Be like Broad City’s Ilana and opt for a speedy, chocolatey weed sandwich.

In one particular episode of Comedy Central’s stoner girl comedy series Broad City, you might remember Ilana caring for Abbi following a dental surgery in the only way she knows how: with weed. Watching her decarb flower by baking it in the oven, smooshing Nutella between graham crackers—it honestly seems too easy to be a legit recipe. Turns out, the s’mores-inspired treats are indeed a real recipe, and they’re delicious.

These firecrackers are potent, too. It takes no time to prepare the simple, six ingredient mixture—start to finish, no more than 30 minutes—and the high hit this reviewer pretty quickly, so be ready to chill.

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