How to tell the difference between licensed and illicit dispensaries | GreenState – GreenState

Cannabis legalization often means wider access in states that pass reform. Some states, like New York, see illicit dispensaries popping up like toadstools when adult-use legalization takes effect. 

While this typically is not the norm, it can lead to a lot of confusion for people seeking safe and tested cannabis products. How do they know who to trust?

New York City has hundreds if not thousands of unregulated cannabis shops, many of which may pass for legitimate establishments to unknowing consumers. Due to regulatory hiccups, there are only a handful of licensed dispensaries in the city—far fewer than the number of illegal ones. This can make it difficult to discern a state-approved dispo from a trap shop.

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For those who wish to support the legal market, there are several ways to tell whether a dispensary is legit. According to Mike Wilson, CEO and co-founder of cannabis retail design firm The Temeka Group, you can start with window shopping.

“If someone is walking down the street and looks in a store and sees the (cannabis) product, they may think, ‘That must be a legal shop, I can see the product.’ It’s

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