How US Parents React When Knowing Their Children Smoking Weed?

According to 19% of Grade 9-12 students in the U.S., they have used marijuana at least once for the past 30 days in 2017. With marijuana becoming more and more popular, it’s very common nowadays for teens to get their hands on some at least once or even more than that a month.

In fact, it was found that about half (49.8%) of the U.S. parents have caught their children red-handed in the act of smoking weed.

Rivaled to be as awkward as the “sex talk”, American Marijuana conducted a survey on how the U.S. parents reacted when they caught their children in the act of smoking weed.

Key Major Takeaways:

  1. 50% of children in the U.S. are already smoking weed and 14.49% of the U.S. parents are completely fine with it.
  2. 75.45% of the children that had smoked weed were aged between 10 and 18 years old.
  3. 43.4% of U.S. parents think that it’s fine for their children to smoke weed.
  4. 23.36% of parents in the U.S. don’t think cannabis will do any harm to their children’s health.

Source: Survey 982 US Parents

Major Takeaways:

  1. About half (490) of the 982 U.S. parents caught their children red-handed in the act of smoking weed.
  2. Of the 490 parents that caught their children smoking weed, 42.65% (209) of them felt uncomfortable and asked their children to stop using cannabis compared to 26.73% (131) of them that felt just as uncomfortable but have no……

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