Illinois State Rifle Association Clears Up Laws Regarding Gun Ownership and Pot Use

The new year has brought legal weed to Illinois, and with it, plenty of questions. One of the state’s top gun lobbyists has set out to answer some of them. 

On Tuesday, a day before the state’s new marijuana law took effect, the Illinois State Rifle Association posted a primer detailing the “difference between the purchase and use of Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis as it relates to your lawful rights to own and possess a firearm in Illinois,” and to “dispel any myths or bad information that we have seen shared on various social media platforms as it relates to the cannabis law in Illinois.”

In the statement, ISRA lobbyist Ed Sullivan explained that, under the new state law, using cannabis would not make a prospective firearm owner an “unlawful user” of a controlled substance, despite marijuana remaining illegal at the federal level. Being an unlawful user of a controlled substance would otherwise be a disqualifier for such a purchase. 

“If you believe in State’s rights, then according to Illinois law, you are not considered an unlawful user if you use or possess cannabis,” Sullivan wrote. 

Sullivan also addressed concerns over cannabis dispensaries collecting data on customers — a

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