Indiana Gov. Holcomb Ran Frat, Smoked Pot in College

The governor of one of the most conservative states, Indiana’s Eric Holcomb, admitted that he smoked marijuana in college during a February 27 press conference in Indianapolis.

“Have you ever used marijuana?” he was asked.

“Yes,” the Republican governor tersely replied.

“Even though it’s illegal?”


“When did you use it?”


Holcomb was born in 1968 and attended Hanover College in Hanover, IN from 1987-1990 where he was chapter president of Phi Gamma Delta.

He went on to say about legalizing marijuana in the Hoosier State:

“I’d like to be in line with federal. And if federal law changed… it should change from being informed itself, not allowing some hodge-podge national effort to organically spring up because folks are looking the other way. This would require medical research and science to give us the true evidence on both the medicinal value and the efficacy of recreational use. That’s not here yet. As I understand it, there’s a 12-acre farm in Mississippi that’s responsible for doing the research. I’m not against that research being done. Quite frankly, just the opposite. The sooner the better. This is a message I delivered over the last four days to our nation’s leaders.

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