Ingestion Vs Inhalation: What’s the Difference?

Every cannabis user – recreational or therapeutic – has their own preferred consumption method. Most will enjoy experimenting with the various ways of getting THC and CBD into the body. But most will also instinctively go back to one tried, tested and trusted method on a day-to-day basis.

Of the dozens of different ways of getting cannabinoids into the body, the overwhelming majority fall within two basic categories:

Inhalation and ingestion. 

For some, the joy of cannabis consumption lies in getting creative in the kitchen. From brownies to bagels to bacon to barbecue, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful ways to ingest quality cannabis. For others, inhalation really is the only way to go. Whether it’s the ceremony of rolling blunts or using the latest desktop vaporizers, millions of cannabis users are all about inhalation.

The debate as to which consumption method is ‘best’ is both unnecessary and nonsensical. Just as long as it gets the job done and you enjoy the experience, no consumption method is better or worse than any other. But it’s not to say that there aren’t significant differences between cannabis ingestion and cannabis inhalation. Both can get you high – or deliver the

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