Inside Dalwhinnie Farms — boutique cannabis dispensary in Aspen, CO – Insider

The ski town is home to a handful of dispensaries, but Dalwhinnie Farms, in particular, oozes luxury. The exterior of Dalwhinnie Farm’s flagship store in Aspen, Colorado. Monica Humphries/Insider

Dalwhinnie Farms originated 160 miles away from Aspen at the base of the San Juan Mountains in Ridgway, Colorado. There, the owners turned a 200-acre equestrian ranch into a cannabis operation, according to the company’s website

The ranch-turned-farm is now home to a 25,000-square-foot indoor facility and an equally sized greenhouse where its cannabis flower is grown.

When it came time to open the company’s flagship store, there was one destination that fit the brand the best — Aspen, Brandon Barksdale, the CEO of Dalwhinnie Farms, told Insider. 

Barksdale said that not only is Aspen home to the brand’s targeted clientele but that Aspen mimics the same beauty of where the cannabis is grown. 

In the fall of 2020, Dalwhinnie Farms opened its first store in the ski town known for brick streets lined with designer boutiques, influencers decked in high-end ski gear, and restaurants with months-long waitlists. 

“When someone walks by our store, the first thing that they see are

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