Iowa House Passes Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill, Lowers THC Limits

The Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that would add more qualifying medical conditions to the state’s medical marijuana program and change the cap on THC for patients. The bill, House File 2589, was passed by a vote of 52 to 46.

Under the bill, post-traumatic stress disorder and “severe, intractable autism with self-injurious or aggressive behaviors” would be added to the state’s list of medical conditions that qualify a patient to use medical marijuana. The measure also changes “untreatable” pain to “chronic” pain on the list.

Additionally, the bill adds physician assistants, podiatrists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and advanced practice registered nurses to the list of health care practitioners who are permitted to certify patients to use medicinal cannabis. But a change in the cap on the amount of THC a patient can receive that is also included in the bill has some Democrats describing the bill as a step backward for the program.

Under Iowa’s current program, only medical marijuana products with less than 3% THC are allowed. The bill passed on Tuesday changes that to a limit of 4.5 grams of total THC per patient in a 90-day period. The cap would be waived

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