Is Cannabis A Solution For Breast Cancer Patients’ Chemo Side Effects?

The months after a breast cancer diagnosis can be frightening as patients weigh the pros and cons of treatment approaches. Patients may discuss radiation, chemotherapy, mastectomies and reconstruction with their oncologists. These days, there’s another thing that patients might add to that list: cannabis.

Many people who have never tried cannabis before may seek it out while undergoing cancer treatment because they’ve heard it relieves pain, suppresses nausea or stimulates appetite. Yet many oncologists are not willing to discuss marijuana because possessing it remains a federal offense despite its legalization in Washington and Oregon.

“I think patients get in a bad situation,” said Dr. Eric Roeland, a medical oncologist and palliative care specialist with OHSU Knight Cancer Institute. “They have symptoms that aren’t well controlled. They’re feeling desperate. They go to an oncologist who says, ‘I’m not going to talk to you about that.’”

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