Is Chicago’s History of Corruption Concerning for Psilocybin Reform?

Psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”) is believed to provide therapeutic relief to several possible medical conditions. Like cannabis, an uptick of lab results offered additional insights into what many have claimed anecdotally for years. 

In recent years, researchers concluded that a single dose of psilocybin can produce “substantial and enduring decreases” in depression and anxiety levels in cancer patients. Other studies acknowledge the possible efficacy of psilocybin in various conditions like suicide, depression, anxiety, OCD, and addiction to certain substances. 

Most, if not all, studies concerning psilocybin end with the same call to action for additional research. The call has seemingly been answered by recent studies, as well as numerous currently underway. The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) lists lab research endeavors focusing on psilocybin. It currently lists studies on psilocybin’s interaction with cancer, cognition, perception and depth inversion as ongoing efforts.   

The often promising lab results emboldened community efforts in Denver and Oakland, leading to both cities decriminalizing the psychedelic in some form or another. In Denver, its bill applies specifically to psilocybin mushrooms, whereas in Oakland, its bill extends to other fungi and entheogenic plants. 

The late Spring 2019 passages by both cities led to speculation that more could

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