Is Oaxaca Leading on Mexican Cannabis?

A couple of weeks ago, the Asociación Indígena Productora de Cannabis de Oaxaca (AIPCO), a Oaxaca non-profit organization comprised of local indigenous cannabis growers, gave indigenous individuals and communities 26 medical cannabis growing licenses issued by Mexico’s Federal Commission For The Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris).

Around the same time, the government of the state capital, Oaxaca de Juárez, wrote to non-profits and NGOs to say that because there are no municipal regulations banning responsible cannabis use by individuals in public spaces, local policemen would be instructed not to bother marijuana consumers in the capital. This follows the Mexican Supreme Court’s decision last year deeming unconstitutional the prohibition to grow and consume recreational cannabis.

Implications of the Oaxaca medical cannabis licenses issuance

Great news? It would seem so! Watching licenses issued in one of the least developed states in the country, and seeing such an open stance on recreational use, is refreshing and allows for optimism. It also reflects an awareness among authorities that, as pointed out by local NGOs, Oaxaca’s location allows for the optimal cultivation of the plant.

That said, leaving marijuana smokers unmolested will mainly benefit the tourism industry, whereas the fact that growing licenses were issued

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