It’s Official! A Recreational Cannabis Dispensary is Coming to Ithaca –

New York State passed the marijuana regulation and taxation Act (MRTA) in March of 2021, officially legalizing adult use of cannabis while laying the groundwork for the office of cannabis management (OCM) to issue various types of licenses for legal adult use cannabis businesses. On November 21, 2022 the state finally began issuing its first licenses for businesses to start legal recreational cannabis sales.

A press release from the Office of Cannabis Management said they began the process of issuing licenses by “approving 28 licenses for business owners with a cannabis conviction or family members with a cannabis conviction.” The licenses are part of the Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) program, which is a central pillar of the New York State Seeding Opportunity Initiative.

Through the Initiative, New York’s first legal adult-use retail dispensaries will be operated by those most impacted by the enforcement of the prohibition of cannabis or nonprofit organizations whose services include support for the formerly incarcerated.

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Over the last 30 years, Black New Yorkers were 15 times more likely to be arrested for cannabis than white New Yorkers. For Latinos, it was eight times more likely. Accordingly, the majority

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