It’s taking longer than expected for N.J.’s 13th legal weed dispensary to open. Here’s why. –

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Unlike its competitors, the Curaleaf-owned medical marijuana dispensary in Edgewater Park did not open its doors to customers seeking to buy adult legal weed during the state’s big launch on April 21.

Instead, a police officer patrolled the Edgewater Park site and turned away traffic for most of the day. A large electronic sign board flashed the words, “No recreational cannabis sold here,” while multiple officers along Route 130 turned away more than 750 cars whose occupants were not there for medical cannabis.

At first, it was expected to take a few extra days for the dispensary to work out minor glitches with the township and become the state’s 13th legal weed site.

But it will likely be weeks, maybe even months, before Curaleaf Edgewater Park will open because it needs a much bigger parking lot, according to the land use attorney and engineer for Edgewater Park Township.

Attorney Tom Coleman, who represents the Edgewater Park Land Use Board, said although the medical dispensary had its municipal approvals memorialized on April 21 by the local board, Curaleaf still needed “to perfect” its

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