JackPot! (What Canada can learn from Nevada’s Cannabis Windfall)

CANNABIS CULTURE-  This week, Canada’s Senate approved the Liberal government’s cannabis legalization bill.  While this legislative hurdle is clear, many are concerned that over-regulation and government monopolies have hijacked the natural order away from true cannabis liberty.  

Legal cannabis has worked, and is working in several jurisdictions worldwide. One of these places, Nevada, started with a rather rigid structure, and has since seen major windfalls from rolling back oppressive regulations.

Recreational cannabis legalization has turned out to be a great thing for Nevada since the legislation was passed in July of 2017. Legal sale of cannabis has had a number of positive effects for the state, many of which turned out to be surprising.
What has legalization done so far for Nevada, and what are its residents hoping it will do in the future?

Cannabis Businesses Finally in the Black

Medical cannabis has been available in the state of Nevada since 2000, but it was limited to individuals with a prescription, making it hard for dispensaries to turn a profit. That’s changed since recreational use was legalized. These businesses have seen a massive turn-around since legalization and are able to not only keep their doors open but also make a profit.

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