Jackson County, Missouri Will Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Cases

Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker of Jackson County, Missouri announced on Tuesday that her office would no longer prosecute most cases for possession of marijuana. The change in policy comes one week after voters in Missouri approved a constitutional amendment legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis in the midterm elections. The county of nearly 700,000 residents in western Missouri includes Kansas City, the state’s most populous municipality.

Baker said in a press release that voters had not taken their responsibility lightly, approving Constitutional Amendment 2 while rejecting two other measures she characterized as “lesser proposals.”

“Voters were discerning in considering the issue,” Baker said.

Broad Support For Medical Marijuana

Amendment 2 received the approval of two out three Missouri votes statewide. Support for the initiative was even higher in Jackson County, with three out of four voters giving the nod to the measure. The amendment legalizes the medical use of marijuana in the state and sets a 4 percent tax on cannabis sales. Revenue generated from taxes generated by medical marijuana sales will be spent on health services for veterans.

Baker said that the broad support for Amendment 2 was a factor in her decision to end prosecution for marijuana possession. She

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