Jersey City Planning Board approves city's 1st adult-use cannabis dispensary in the Heights – Hudson County View

The Jersey City Planning Board gave Blossom Dispensary LLC the city’s first adult-use cannabis dispensary approval to date, with the business poised to open in the Heights.

Screenshot via Zoom.

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

Blossom Dispensary would be located at 746-8 Tonnelle Ave. in the Heights.

“This is the very first class 5 cannabis licensee presented before the Planning Board. The site conditions are a little funky” said Stephen Joseph, Blossom’s attorney in the matter.

Architect Ron Elkins added that it’s a one-story building that will see it’s potential maximized.

“It is basically one large room being used as a tile showroom,” he said, noting that the existing structure needs to be torn down because it encroaches on neighboring property.

“We are prepared to tear down the offending part of the building,” added Elkins, who continued t that the building is only 2,500 square feet, which means it will be a micro dispensary.

“Customers will arrive. Their IDs will be processed and checked. They will be waiting in the waiting area until the retail area is cleared. They will be electronically buzzed into the space,” Joseph explained, also noting that patrons will leave through a secure turn style.


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