Jesse Channon Explores the Potential Benefits of DriveThru … – Best Stocks

On September 27, 2023, Jesse Channon, the Chief Commercial Officer of The Cannabist Company, shared an intriguing perspective on the potential benefits of running dispensaries similar to the efficient drive-thru system employed by Chik-Fil-A. Notably, Jesse Channon holds the position of Chief Growth Officer at Columbia Care, a renowned multistate cannabis operation. In Virginia alone, Columbia Care has successfully established six dispensaries, and Jesse Channon has played a pivotal role in implementing strategic measures to enhance operational efficiencies and boost cash flow generation within the company.

As the Chief Growth Officer, Jesse Channon dedicates his efforts to developing cutting-edge digital capabilities, fostering growth in existing dispensaries, and shaping the overall corporate strategy. Furthermore, Columbia Care is currently conducting a pilot program for an innovative in-store retail media offering tailored specifically for cannabis dispensaries.

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