July 17 Letters: Mix crack and marijuana? Nobody does that, dude – The Mercury News

I haven’t written a letter to the Mercury News since I used up my last green toner cartridge, but the letter from Mr. Sellarole (July 14) is so wrong that I could not let it pass.

Nobody ever spikes marijuana with crack cocaine to increase the “hit”. These are entirely different drugs which have quite different and, to a large extent, opposite effects. I can tell you from personal experience that cocaine can bring you out of the stupor of good marijuana almost instantly, though I would not recommend driving or posting something to Twitter in such a de-marijuanized state.

Second, the whole notion of a “gateway drug” is simply a scare tactic to maintain laws against drugs that are largely harmless except for their effect on driving, posting to Twitter, and writing letters to the Mercury News. People with “addictive personalities” will use what alternative? Alcohol?  Do you really think that’s a better alternative?

Mark Thorson

Legalize marijuana to end failed war on drugs

I’m glad John Sellarole (Letters, July 14) is a former and not a current high school principal. These days, we need people in education who understand the reality of marijuana legalization. Tax revenue is a result of legalization, not the reason behind it.

Legalization is induced by the failed war on drugs, an inequitable justice system for African-Americans and minorities, crowded prisons, and the understanding that marijuana has been unfairly demonized.

Michael Nesbit

Tear down that wall — around the Vatican?

The Rev. Antonio Spadaro condemns the U.S. evangelical and Roman Catholic right (July 14, p. A4) for “inspir[ing]  ‘ecumenism of conflict’ that demonizes opponents and promotes a ‘theocratic type of state’” and “promoting a ‘xenophobic and Islamophobic vision that wants walls.”

To point out the obvious, every religion has tenets that followers must obey to be right–not left to their own devices. A follower of any religion (including

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