KayaPush Integrates with Flowhub Providing a Powerful All-In-One Cannabis Software Solution for Dispensaries – PR Newswire

Flowhub now integrates with KayaPush, saving dispensary owners up to 40 hours of admin work per week.

VANCOUVER, BC, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – KayaPush is the all-in-one cannabis software that helps dispensary owners scale by simplifying payroll, HR, time tracking, and scheduling.

KayaPush has partnered with POS solution Flowhub, becoming their first official payroll and workforce management partner to offer an integrated solution.

This integration will provide dispensary owners with deep insights to help streamline their operations and make data-driven business decisions.

With the Flowhub and KayaPush integration, dispensary owners have the ability to:

Manage labor and sales spending through customizable reports. Measure real-time labor vs. sales insights. Pull live historical and sales data.  Generate visual heat maps to measure peak hours of operations. Leverage auto-generated staff schedules built from labor vs. sales insights. Streamline and run dispensary payroll in 5 minutes or less.

Dispensary owners who use the KayaPush and Flowhub integration will also benefit from Flowhub’s Metrc integration and the ability to run dispensary payroll in over 14 US states.

“Dispensaries face significant challenges compared to traditional retailers due to federal illegality, particularly regarding HR and payroll services. Flowhub is

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