Kenya’s Cannabis Friendly Presidential Candidate Becomes Internet Sensation

CANNABIS CULTURE – George Wajackoyah is a former street kid who worked as a grave digger in England. Now he is a law professor and this week he could be voted in as the next President of Kenya, Africa’s 6th largest economy. Wajackoyah’s message has created a sensation thanks in part to eccentric bets on cannabis.

George, 63, hopes that on 9 August, Kenya’s millions of voters will make him their new president and thus give him a platform to slash debt and joblessness via unleashing a cannabis exports boom.

Breaking the internet with cannabis

Throughout his wildly ecstatic election rallies, George has been the ultimate anti-establishment street hero, just like cannabis is. He prefers to don unremarkable tracksuits, T-shirts, and headscarves – the typical anti-corporate wear and mimics smoking a joint of weed with his fingers. 

George is adamant that cannabis if properly harnessed from cultivation to export, will earn Kenya $76bn per year, and heavily indebted Kenya may never need to borrow again. George’s most famous act is his savvy use of TikTok, Twitter, and WhatsApp to argue before his audience that, since 90 kilograms of raw cannabis fetches $3.4mn, Kenya needs just 2000 giant bags to dilute all her foreign debts. 

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