Kevin Nash To Debut Strain on Dispensary Tour in Michigan – High Times

Seasoned pro wrestler and NWO co-founder Kevin Nash is going full throttle into the cannabis industry by launching his own strain, with the expertise of the cultivators behind HYMAN Cannabis.

Nash’s new strain and collaboration was first announced at the GCW Notorious show, E Wrestling News and Wrestling Headlines reported last January. You can hear Nash talk about the new endeavor on his podcast, KLIQ This.

Jackknife, (Creamsicle x Soñando) his signature strain, is the result of narrowing down some of HYMAN‘s marquee genetics. Soñando has a citrus, orange, and berry flavor profile, and Creamsicle tastes exactly how you’d expect it to. HYMAN’s Head Cultivator Rabid Hippie oversees the Michigan-based cultivator’s 30,000 square feet of canopy space.

Nash is notorious for his own versions of the jackknife maneuver. In his heyday, Nash perfected the “Jackknife Powerbomb,” an enhanced version of a powerbomb that sees the opponent thrown forward and then down—one way to finish the job. But all of the physical strain that goes into wrestling takes its toll, and that’s where cannabis comes in.

“My signature move: Jackknife Power Bomb, my finishing maneuver, is fitting for my strain partnership with HYMAN cannabis as I feel it accurately represents the strength

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