LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Allegedly Faked Raid to Rob Cannabis Facility

An L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy and his two accomplices will appear in federal court on Friday facing charges for armed robbery and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. All three are currently behind bars awaiting trial. But the charges don’t begin to tell the story of how the robbery went down. Posing as a narcotics investigator executing a search warrant at a downtown L.A. cannabis warehouse, Deputy Mark Antrim and his accomplices pulled off a heist that netted them more than $1 million in cannabis and cash. In fact, it took LAPD officers days to discover the robbery, which they might not have at all had an attorney for the warehouse not contacted the L.A. Sheriff’s Department.

DOJ Says Police Took Their Time Robbing a California Cannabis Warehouse

In the early morning hours of October 29, Deputy Mark Antrim, along with Eric Rodriguez and Kevin McBride, arrived at an L.A. marijuana warehouse in an unmarked Ford Explorer. The license plate on the vehicle identified it as belonging to the sheriff’s Temple City Station. The trio all wore sheriff’s department patches and told warehouse workers they were serving a search warrant.

Decked out in police duty belts, with holstered handguns and

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