LA Real Estate Developers are Taking High-End Living to the Next Level

What do Blake Griffin, Justin Bieber, and DeAndre Jordan have in common? Besides being A-list celebrities and star NBA players, they all live in homes developed and built by Huntington Estate Properties, one of Los Angeles’ best-known ultra high-end real estate companies. Today, Huntington announced plans to develop five new mansions in Bel-Air and West LA. But these homes will have something no other Huntington property has. Namely, amenities entirely devoted to providing the most luxurious at-home cannabis experience money can buy.

Take a Tour Around LA’s New Marijuana Mansions

On Wednesday, TMZ broke an exclusive story about Ray Nosrati’s plans to build five new, ultra high-end homes for pro athletes, celebs and execs who are all about that cannabis lifestyle. The founder of Huntington Estate Properties, Nosrati has been building luxury homes in Southern California for more than a decade. Huntington is unique among high-end real estate developers because Nosrati has a hand in each home’s design. His properties are known for their wow-factors, like vintage screening rooms, indoor bowling alleys and even secret rooms.

But Nosrati’s new plans will feature wow factors of a different kind: those that will give residents everything they need to grow, harvest and enjoy

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