Lake Placid voters say yes to cannabis dispensaries – Plattsburgh Press Republican

LAKE PLACID — Lake Placid voters on Tuesday decided to overturn the village’s cannabis laws and allow cannabis dispensaries and on-site consumption licensing. On-site consumption licensing, or proposition two, appears to have gotten the green light by one vote, though the results haven’t yet been certified.

Recreational marijuana was legalized statewide last March, and local governments had until Dec. 31, 2021 to pass local laws opting out of allowing dispensaries and/or on-site consumption licensing within their boundaries. The village board unanimously voted last December to opt out and place its cannabis laws on a special election ballot to give voting village residents the final say.

More than 300 village residents went to the polls on Tuesday to weigh in on the cannabis issue. There were two proposals on the ballot — the first proposal was for dispensaries, and the second was for on-site consumption licensing. Of the 326 votes on the first proposal, 144 people voted to remain opted-out of dispensaries and 182 people voted to opt in. Of the 329 votes on the second proposal, 164 voted to remain opted out of on-site consumption licensing and 165 voted to opt in.

Since the on-site consumption proposal was approved by a

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