Lanesborough Planners, Cannabis Dispensary at Odds Over Signage –

Liberty Market COO AnnMarie Belair says the state commission has inspected and approved the dispensary several times, most recently in December.

LANESBOROUGH, Mass. — The signage at Liberty Market Dispensary has caught the attention of the Planning Board, which argues it violates state Cannabis Control Commission regulations, despite the business saying it is in compliance.

The board discussed the signage of the 25 North Main St. store extensively last Tuesday, with concerns expressed about words such as cannabis, edibles and flower being present on the signage and the violation of town signage bylaws.

But the cannabis dispensary’s AnnMarie Belair, the chief marketing officer, said she was unaware of the meeting or that the business was on the agenda. She found out after the fact and didn’t understand why the dispensary had not been notified it was an agenda item so it could respond to planners’ concerns.

On Thursday, she said the CCC has inspected and approved the dispensary several times since its opening, most recently in December.

“As clear by the public billboards everywhere, signs and company names which include the word cannabis, the word CANNABIS is 100 percent compliant,” she said. “The words have been on the building for

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