Las Vegas drive-thru dispensaries bring convenience and customer service – Las Vegas Weekly

A few weeks back, just before the mask requirement ended, we ran out of edibles at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. My girlfriend and I didn’t particularly care to put on shoes, mask up and go talk to a budtender, so we went to the website of our closest dispensary—Curaleaf, on Las Vegas Boulevard just south of Oakey—filled up a cart with what we wanted and used the dispensary’s drive-up window to pick up our product. We ordered, drove to the dispensary and had our exit bag full of swag in less than 20 minutes—and I never changed out of my slippers.

Happy 420!

Drive-thru dispensary windows were approved in Clark County in September 2020, and in the City of Las Vegas roughly six months after that. (Downtown’s NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, owing to its location on tribal land, introduced a drive-thru in summer 2020.) Nevada’s legal cannabis industry, which is nothing if not nimble-footed in the face of ever-changing regulations, has been steadily introducing drive-thru windows at dispensaries across the Valley; they can be found at the northwest location of Thrive and at Boulder City’s Wallflower, among other spots.

But Downtown’s Curaleaf, my local, had a leg

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