There may be storefront marijuana sales in Manteca during 2022.

The City Council Tuesday outlined what could be the final road map to make such sales legal.

Assuming the timeline goes forward without a hitch and secures approval at the council level on Dec. 7 and Dec. 21, storefront marijuana dispensaries would be legal in mid-January.

Realistically it will take a number of additional months to get procedures in place and then to review applications. After that the firms awarded permits will need to get up and running.

It is clear that there is a council majority leaning toward approving an enabling ordinance in some form.

That’s because on Tuesday retired police chief and current Councilman Charlie Halford who has said he’s been sitting on the fence and needed a lot of convincing, made a point of noting a clear majority of Manteca voters have shown their support for storefront marijuana sales. Both the state measure Proposition 64 and the county’s Measure X on the subject passed within Manteca.

Halford has also participated in several of the council tours of three legal dispensaries in Modesto and one in Riverbank to see how they operate and comply with rigid requirements.

Halford noted

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