LETTER: Hoboken Planning Board needs to consider community impact of Story Dispensary – Hudson County View

In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Elizabeth Urtecho explains why the planning board needs to consider the community impact of the proposed Story Dispensary.

The former Hudson Tavern in Hoboken may be converted into a cannabis dispensary. Photo via change.org.

Dear Editor,

The June 9th Hoboken Planning Board meeting on the application for a cannabis dispensary in a residential area of 14th Street clearly demonstrated that the location chosen by the dispensary owner –Story Dispensary of Hoboken LLC – and backed by city officials is inappropriate and bound to have a negative impact on our residential neighborhood.

The Story Dispensary will clearly present parking, crowd, noise, and safety problems for the neighborhood – which was not adequately addressed by the Story representative who testified at the Planning Board meeting.

The Story Dispensary is estimating 100 transactions per day. This is a low, unrealistic estimate. If that number were accurate, it is unlikely that Story would net the income it needs to make a profit.

In addition, Story is planning to construct a 9 register retail business which is more space than needed for 100 transactions per day. Each register would handle just 11 transactions a day?


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