Letters: Recreational cannabis dispensaries don't belong in Princeton ⋆ Princeton, NJ local news % – Planet Princeton

To the Editor:

As a property owner and divorced mother residing with my two young children, the recent push for three recreational cannabis dispensaries in our lovely town is quite perplexing. Though I am in favor of medicinal marijuana, why do the dispensaries have to be in our neighborhoods? Why are residents asked to pay exorbitant taxes and support school district referendums to maintain our excellent public schools, only to have our efforts undermined by another branch of our local government? Do we want our town to be known for this?

I arrived in this country at the age of 6 with my family as political refugees from Communist Cuba. Due to God’s grace, this country’s opportunities, and hard work, I was able to become a school psychologist, school counselor, school supervisor, interpreter/translator, psychiatric screener, etc., and am now raising my young children in Princeton. We all work very hard to live in such a blessed town. Please do not allow me to meet your family and friends when called for a psychiatric evaluation for them at an emergency room. 

According to the CDC, marijuana can affect brain development. Developing children’s brains are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of marijuana

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