Letters to the Editor: Nix Park Ridge cannabis dispensary; Niles referendum would let politicians appoint their cronies – Chicago Tribune

On June 6, Park Ridge City Council ignored residents’ concerns and voted 4-2 in favor of a special use permit for a marijuana dispensary at Canfield and Higgins, on the former VFW site.

Only six council members voted during this first reading, because the 7th ward, where the dispensary would be located, is unrepresented. Seventh ward residents asked Council to delay voting until a new alderperson is appointed, but they ignored the request.


They didn’t listen to the citizens who will be most affected, those whose homes abut the proposed property where their children play. The property owner instead offered an extra six feet of buffer with some bushes between the parking lot and homes. But dispensary customers will enter and exit next to their homes in plain sight.

The property owner offered other conditions, including paying impact fees if the dispensary causes the City to incur additional costs to provide police or other services and enhanced security. But these conditions point to the very reasons why this shouldn’t be approved, i.e., security issues because dispensaries are cash-only businesses.


The property does not meet the special use criteria and it is not compatible with the neighborhood.

On April 4, Council voted 4-3 NOT to allow

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