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SEATTLE and DENVER, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Santa has a little something extra in his sleigh for adults on his “nice” list in Washington and Colorado. Diego Pellicer Worldwide, Inc., the premium marijuana brand and retail development company, reveals its 2017 outstanding marijuana holiday gifts from Diego Pellicer stores.

Sensational Smokables, Sparkling & More from Diego Pellicer Seattle, 2215 4th Ave. S

Seattle’s famous cigar-sized smokables: Leira Cannagar Korona (17 grams) $420 each, Leira Cannagar Cannarillo (4 grams) $125 each
Choose from a delightful 17 grams or four grams of marijuana expertly rolled and crafted from the finest cannabis in Washington. These impressive cannagars are great for savoring with friends or for that special gift.
    Cheers to cannabis! Vertus, sparkling beverage, $48-$70
Skip the alcohol, drink cannabis. Pop the top on this champagne-style bubbly for a holiday party, New Year’s Eve or a relaxing evening at home. Available in 50 mg and 100 mg bottles.
    Unordinary Ornaments, $56-$70
Because not all holiday flowers are poinsettias. Deck the halls with balls filled with marijuana flower from Dose, 1/8th oz. Moonrock Ornament, $70.
Dawg Star, known for their award-winning marijuana genetics, offers a 1/8th oz. Western Cultured ornament that challenges its recipient not to open until Dec. 25, $56.

A Cannabis Christmas, Diego Pellicer Colorado, 2949 West Alameda Ave.

Truly an epic smoke, The Cannagar, $225 
For the connoisseur, seven grams of the finest cannabis rolled in a fan leaf and sealed with two grams of distillate oil. It takes several weeks and superior craftsmanship to create one of these masterpieces. Designed to be savored over the course of two hours, this is a popular gift for celebrations and special occasions. For an extra special smoke, customers can custom order a cannagar made from their favorite strain.
    Gift some holiday harmony with Harmony Extracts Assortment, $59-$99 per

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