Litigation looms after deal to end dispensary lawsuits denied – C&G Newspapers

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WARREN — Warren is now facing a deluge of litigation related to its handling of the city’s medical marijuana dispensary licensing process after the City Council’s decision to reject a blanket deal that would have ended a myriad of lawsuits.

That really comes as no surprise.  

According to attorney Andrea Pike, representing the city in the Macomb County Circuit Court cases, 12 of the 15 entities that were originally awarded medical marijuana dispensary licenses in September 2019 have sued for damages so far.

Their licenses were invalidated last year by Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Carl Marlinga, who ruled that the city’s Medical Marihuana Review Committee had violated the Open Meetings Act. The committee was originally tasked with processing more than 60 applications and awarding 10 licenses. That number was later increased to 15, and would have swelled to 28 under the terms of the blanket settlement, brokered by attorneys representing the city, 16 plaintiff entities that were originally denied licenses and the 15 original license holders that were allowed to enter the lawsuit as intervening parties. Former Macomb County Circuit Court Judge Peter Maceroni facilitated the deal. He cautioned

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