Local dispensaries rank among sales leaders in Arkansas – Hot Springs Sentinel

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Garland County’s two medical marijuana dispensaries’ March sales ranked in the top five, according to the sales report the state revenue agency released Friday.

The strong month put Suite 443 and Green Springs Medical in the top five for first quarter sales, making Garland the only county with two top-five dispensaries. The 683.05 pounds Suite 443 reported during the first three months ranked fourth out of 38 dispensaries. The 257.13 pounds the Malvern Avenue location reported in March sales also ranked fourth.

Green Springs reported March sales of 239.06 pounds, ranking fifth, and first quarter sales of 653.99 pounds, also ranking fifth. The 213.97 pounds it reported in February sales ranked fourth, marking the first sales report in 18 months that had Green Springs ahead of its cross-county competitor. The 1,924 pounds the Seneca Street location reported in 2021 sales ranked eighth, trailing the 2,899 pounds that placed Suite 443 third in annual sales.

Natural Relief Dispensary ranked first in March sales, 419.12 pounds, and

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