Local dispensary prides itself on safety, education and community outreach – Vancouver Is Awesome

Since its official nationwide legalization in 2018, the cannabis industry in Canada has substantially taken off in a puff of smoke – pun intended – up into the stratosphere, providing increased accessibility and promoting greater safety for all users. However, many may not have expected just how deep-seated the individual dispensaries would become in the various neighbourhoods and communities they occupy.

These storefronts have become community staples and beloved local businesses, supplying safe, regulated cannabis products to their communities while providing readily available knowledge and advice to their clientele from friendly and approachable staff.

This accessibility and welcoming environment are exactly what The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary (TMCD), located at 1182 Thurlow Street in the heart of Davie Village, seeks to foster.

TMCD is a non-profit society and an activist dispensary operating since 2008 to provide quality cannabis products from its physical storefront as well as to the rest of Canada through its discreet mail-order program.

Besides its broad selection of high-quality products, TMCD is also committed to supporting the vast assortment of colourful clientele that walk through its doors with an enthusiastic pride for its diverse Davie neighbourhood, creating a safe space free of judgement and stigmas.

From standard flower,

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