Local News: Marijuana dispensary moving to Eureka Springs (5/12/22) – Lovely County Citizen

Carroll County is getting its first medical marijuana dispensary.

Osage Creek Dispensary, owned by Berryville resident Jay Trulove, received approval from the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission on Thursday, May 5, to transfer from its location in Fayetteville to 101 E. Van Buren near downtown Eureka Springs.

“We just think there’s a pretty large gap between [dispensaries] in Northwest Arkansas and Mountain Home,” Trulove said. “Folks are having to drive quite a ways to get their cannabis.

“We think with Eureka Springs, Berryville, Harrison, Madison County, it’s just a good population base. There is definitely a need and I think it will be a good fit.”

 Ray Green, an attorney representing Osage Creek, echoed those comments at last week’s meeting while answering questions from the commission before the vote.

“My client saw the opportunity to serve patients in Carroll and Madison counties,” Green told the commission. “Those patients could be better served by relocating the dispensary from west Fayetteville to Carroll County and thereby serve all those patients there that are currently having to travel to Washington and Benton county for their service.”

After the brief discussion, the commission voted unanimously to approve the transfer from the current location at

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