Long Island Cannabis Dispensary Zoning

Prospective cannabis businesses seeking to open dispensaries on Long Island are running into several issues and roadblocks with the proposed or adopted zoning legislation restricting operators to mainly industrial areas.

As it stands, dispensaries can open only in Long Island towns that opted in for retail cannabis sales. To date, Babylon, Brookhaven, Riverhead and Southampton have opted-in to permit recreational cannabis sales. In three of the four opt-in areas, legislation has been adopted or proposed that would keep the dispensaries out of busy downtown areas, and stick them in commercial and out-of-the-way areas.  The only municipality to vote on and approve of a zoning amendment has been Brookhaven.

To learn more about each municipality and where their regulations stand to date, see below.

Brookhaven Town officials approved a town zoning amendment that has banned cannabis sales within 500 feet of homes or 1,000 feet of schools, houses of worship, hospitals, libraries, parks, playgrounds, gyms, dance studios or at similar public or semi-public place of general congregation. Cannabis dispensaries must be at least 1 mile apart from each other. The zoning amendment bans cannabis smoking rooms and retail stores from downtown business districts.


In Babylon, according to Newsday, officials are expected to

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