Long Lines, Joyful Vibes Mark First Weekend of Vermont Dispensary Sales – Heady Vermont

RUTLAND — Strolling up to the end of the line at Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland the morning of October 1 felt a little bit like getting in line for a concert – if live music had just been legalized for the first time ever.

Long but orderly lines, ear to ear grins, and a joyful atmosphere marked the start of Vermont’s first weekend of adult use dispensary sales, as three of the state’s four licensed adult use retailers kicked off sales in Rutland, Middlebury and Burlington on Saturday, October 1.

The very first purchase, from customer Caleb Teske, at Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland, Vermont on Saturday, October 1, consisting of an eighth, a preroll and infused coffee. Courtesy Photo/Caleb Teske/The Fine Print Journalism

Things inside the stores were orderly, professional and calm – obscuring the very real fact that dispensary owners, their employees, and the state’s licensed suppliers had just pulled all-nighters as they scrambled to put their products and stores together in time for a Saturday opening.

Despite concerns about supply and slow testing turnaround, no stores reported running out of product, with a couple of minor exceptions. All three locations reported robust sales – and all

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