Lost Cause Strain Review | Westword – Westword

Walking around for hours only to discover you’ve been wandering in circles can be anywhere from infuriating to terrifying. A fair share of cannabis strains have that effect, handcuffing our brains with forgetful trips to the grocery store and unneeded laps around the house. The mindless wanderer is one of the few stereotypes I try to avoid, yet that’s exactly who I was last week.

Smoking a strain called Lost Cause is like signing up for a marching band to nowhere, which is where I was mentally for about three hours after each session. Throw away any sympathy, though, because I received several warnings. Lost Cause’s name, parents and space-mutant look all scream “Back off!,” but there I was at the dispensary, acting like a moth to a flame. In my defense, any pothead would be attracted to such an attractive combo of cannabis flavors.

A mix of Amnesia Haze and Do-Si-Dos, Lost Cause is a relatively new product from Trichome Farms. The Oregon Breeder created the hybrid strain in search of a bulkier, more potent Amnesia Haze. Although Lost Cause was successful in achieving bigger yields and flavor and brain-melting effects similar to those of the Dutch specialty, it does

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