Lottery for new medical marijuana dispensaries set for Oct. 29 – The Providence Journal

PROVIDENCE — A long-awaited license lottery to run five of six additional medical marijuana dispensaries will be held Oct. 29 – and live-streamed from a conference room inside the Department of Administration building for the public to watch. 

State regulators announced Friday they were moving ahead with the lottery after a legal appeal from one disqualified applicant, Atlas Enterprises Inc., delayed the process for months. Atlas had applied to run a dispensary in Newport, where zoning laws prohibit such business. 

While that appeal continues, regulators decided to move forward with the license lottery for five other regions around the state. 

The office qualified 24 companies, several of which filed applications for more than one geographical zone. In total 37 applications are in play across the five zones, said Matthew Santacroce, chief of the Office of Cannabis Regulation within the Department of Business Regulation. 

The lottery will use numbered balls, similar to ping-pong balls, that have been weighed and certified, “and a pretty cool Plexiglas tumbler,” to pick the winners, Santacroce said.