Loud Listens: The 7 Best Podcasts on Cannabis Right Now – MERRY JANE

The cannabis industry is erupting around the world, with the so-called “green rush” unfolding before our very eyes. Scientific discoveries surrounding the plant’s amazing medicinal, holistic, and spiritual benefits are consistently being unearthed around every corner. Whether it’s marijuana’s potential to treat veterans suffering from PTSD or how weed can be used to enhance your sex life, people are breaking away from outdated perceptions of cannabis and are reconsidering it in a myriad of downright revolutionary ways.

Women are stepping up in the movement, shattering glass ceilings. Businesses are learning to navigate the uncharted terrain, finding ways to innovate in the entrepreneurial landscape. More celebrities are getting involved in the space. Everyone is thirsty for knowledge, eager to learn more. Thankfully, there are some amazing podcasts devoted to disseminating vital information about this quickly evolving world. Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of our top-favorite cannabis-focused podcasts — perfect if you’re based in California and are stuck in traffic on the way to the dispensary. In the wise words of Timothy Leary, “Turn on, tune in…” well, you know what to do next.

The Cannabist Show

The Cannabist Show began as a weekly 420-friendly talk show hosted by the world’s first marijuana editor Ricardo Baca. From a studio inside The Denver Post‘s Cannabist offices, the show is now hosted by comedian/cannabis activists Jake Browne and Janae Burris. The podcast is available in video and audio formats and covers the “ideas, art, food, news & culture of cannabis.” In other words, #AllThingsWeed. Along with segments produced by The Denver Post‘s Cannabist writers on the cannabis beat, hosts Jake and Janae add lively takes recapping each week’s industry happenings. Regular guests are featured on the program, offering a peek inside the minds of practitioners, entrepreneurs, and advocates working to elevate the scene. Watch

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