Luxembourg Finalizes Cannabis Legalization Reforms

Luxembourg on Wednesday became the second European Union member nation to legalize cannabis possession and cultivation for personal use, Forbes reports. Under the law, adults in Luxembourg can possess up to three grams but public use and possession remains outlawed and can lead to fines ranging from $27 to $500.

Luxembourg citizens can grow up to four plants under the law, which was approved 38-22.

Luxembourg officials had legalized cannabis cultivation for adults in October 2021 but lawmakers had not codified the rules and not agreed to personal possession limits which had delayed the implementation of the reforms. The law must still be published in the Official Gazette before taking effect.

Luxembourg decriminalized cannabis in 2001 and legalized medical cannabis in 2018.

In 2021, Malta became the first European Union country to legalize cannabis for personal use and established a legal framework for cannabis social clubs, although officials have yet to issue any cannabis club licenses. Luxembourg has not established any channels for legal sales or social use.

MP Josée Lorsché, a Green Party member of the Judiciary Committee indicated that the next phase of cannabis

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